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stargate 2008-01-27 00:59


Ursprungligen postat av Otto P (Inlägg 2784321)
Tackar! :thumbup:


Tigerkotten 2008-01-28 02:46

Bra Crocop video som inte hade sett förut, fan att man inte fick se Fedor vs Crocop 2 efter GPn :(

Dajollee 2008-01-28 08:33

tung video

hahavaffan 2008-01-28 11:28

Jävligt fet video!

sunkan 2008-01-28 11:51

Within Temptation men vilken låt är det?

dared 2008-01-28 12:13

Någon som hört något nytt om CCs framtid? Tror ni vi kommer att få se en comback i UFC? Eller kommer han köra i Japan eller Europa? K-1? Eller har han lagt ned tävlingsplanerna?

sunkan 2008-01-28 12:47


Ursprungligen postat av sunkan (Inlägg 2786129)
Within Temptation men vilken låt är det?

within temptation-angels:thumbup:

Dajollee 2008-01-28 15:18

Interview - Marijan Zizanovic Cro Cops trainer from K1 days

Marijan Zizanovic is pioneer of thailand boxing in Europe. In that time, when he was training CC, many fighters fall down - fighters like Mike Bernardo, Musashia, Fujitu, Peter Aerts...

"Believe me, before fight I was assuring my friends that Mirko is gonna finish this story in 1st round. Mladen Brestovac, fighter who I trained for 4 years, fought with Kongo in K1 and lost 2:1 on pure "judge robery". I remember that 2000 observers were dissaproving. Brestovac in that fight kicked Kongos face, and Brestovec is fighter that can not be compared with Mirko Filipovic in any aspect. I was expecting easy and quick win for Mirko. But its obviously that some things in CRO COP TEAM are wrong. First of all I must say that I appreciate Mirko very much. He is big talent and workman, you can nott see that often not only in MMA -in any other sport."(he meant on dedication to training)

"For this what is happening to Filipovic I think there are many reasons. First is in changing trainer to often. I am long in fighting sport and I know how continuity is important.
Second, I think that Mirko himself doesnt know on what aspect of his fighting he wants to put accent. Mirko Filipovic is extremely striker - striker "non plus ultra" and I think that in his training the main aspect must be put in that way."

Zizanovic said that on preparing for his fights too much accent was put on absolute strength.

"If you are working on absolutely strength, and on detrimental explosive strength, conditioning and flexibility you wont be getting good fighter. In fighting sport there is critical
important to have balance between condition-flexibility-explosive strength. And also you can see that Mirko lost much on his punching tehnique, and tehnique is base of every sport.


"Today, Mirko has in his team huge number of "some kind of trainers" , doctors, professors.
Its all nice to see on paper, but trainers are manifesting in the gym. Trainers are trainers because they are creating fighters and not because they have some titles infront of their names.

I think Mirko should have only ONE trainer, striking trainer because he is first of all striker, there are few strikers on the world as he is. Sure,there must be assistant trainers too but one must be chief.
I think in Cro Cop team everyone of this experts are doing they own job not thinking about each other. He have too many assistants and they are not cocoherenced."

We have another big problem--lack of classic relation trainer-fighter. I was authority to Mirko, I respected him as fighter and he respected me as trainer. Mirko doesnt have trainer in who he sees authority. As a matter of fact HE IS AUTHORITY TO PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE PREPARING HIM FOR FIGHTS. That isnt naturally - there cannot be progress."


"It will be his personal decision, but if I were him I would show to everyone who I am.
I am assuring you, Mirko Filipovic can beat anybody. If he comes back on 80% of his striking abilities he had in K1 , noone in UFC will not find an answer on his attacks.

Dajollee 2008-01-28 15:24

Mirko is focused on only one thing lately - to get back on track. His training regiment has been changed and now with Marijan Zizanovic, his former trainer, Mirko looks for a strong comeback. The details about his next fights are still not available, but it seems that Cro Cop will come back stronger once again.

From: Fortunal's log

What I’ve learned from my friendship with Mirko Cro Cop is that you can never be sure what is he up to. He prefers to keep his thoughts for himself; he’s always been a man of a few words. His absence in the media often results in completely misleading stories, coming from people who are giving their best shot in evaluating Mirko’s position and the nature of his future plans.

After two consecutive losses in the UFC, Mirko made only a few public appearances, avoding the inconvenience of having to provide an explanationg for the curse of his career. On the Internet you can read tons of sceanarios where more than a few people actually believe that Cro Cop is done. So I decided to ask Mirko out for a friendly drink, to find out, among other things, where he really stands at the moment.

When I arrived to the caffe-bar “Virage” last Wednesday and shook his hand, I immediately noticed an abundance of pure energy coming from him. I don’t posses a Hannibal Lecter type of human scanner, but when I looked in his eyes, it was obvious that Mirko has refueled his “motivational tank” and that his fighting spirit has been reborn. This time he wasn’t there to talk about his retirement, which is what he used to do before and after his fight against Cheick Kongo.

We were talking about the change and Mirko confirmed everything that I saw on his face from that first sight. He said that he’s completely in the game again, focused only on how to get back on track. He doesn’t think about contract obligations, retirement, injuries and a few other things, which one shouldn’t think about if you are determined to give everything you’ve got in the cage or the ring. His day starts with a goal to be the best in MMA, and it ends the same way. Mirko Cro Cop is back to his Spartan-style training routine and motivation, I can tell you for sure.

So what was the problem, actually? Mirko said that he had been completely empty inside and that he had ran our of his motivation and his fighting spirit. Although he really wanted to get back on track after the fight against Gonzaga, he wasn’t mentally and psyhically ready to make it happen. He encountered more than a few obstacles that prevented him to provide a better performance against Kongo, and the majority of those obstacles were not related to the opponent directly, they appeared as a result of Mirko’s overall mental and physical condition.

What else is new? Mirko has a completely new training routine. He needed something new, a training routine that could wake up a sleeping power inside him. His training schedule now contains more sparring sessions, better cardio program and a whole different approach to an intensity level of his trainings and rest between the sessions. He’s continuing his cooperation with Vos gym’s head coach Ivan Hyppolite, who will assist him in the final preparations for the fight. Cro Cop Team now includes sparring partners Igor Pokrajac, Hrvoje Kisicek and Sasa Mucnjak, boxing coach Branimir Levak and Prof. Igor Jukic who’s in charge of conditioning.

And when exactly are we going to see Mirko back in action? Hunderds of topics throughout the Internet are crowded with predictions, wild guesses and “reliable sources”, but all of them are just speculations since Mirko has no information to share about his upcoming appearances in the cage. He said that he really doesn’t know when he’ll fight again and he’s relaxed about it. It will happen sooner or later, but what is far more important for him is to fight a top fighter. Mirko added that he has never choosen his opponent and that he will gladly accept any challenge the UFC puts in front of him, but his wish is to face the strongest opponent possible.

If you are a Cro Cop fan, then I guess your optimism is regained at this point of the article. If you are not, then you should at least enjoy the fact that one of the best strikers in the world of MMA is on his way to make a strong comeback to the sport. Either way, I see this as pretty big thing, mainly bacause MMA desperately needs a powerful heavyweight striker.

So why did Cro Cop decide to give it another shot? It’s about pride and self respect, I’d say. After 11 years of a professional career, you just can’t get out of the game like this. Maybe Mirko can’t win the UFC belt and maybe he’ll never get his chance to fight for a title, but the most important thing is that he steps in the cage to fight and to give his best. That’s something that everyone should do, and if you do it, you are already a winner. The famous Croatian cop will make his comeback and what’s left is to see if others will only have the right to remain silent.

dared 2008-01-28 16:11

Kul text tack för den!

Det behövs en Cro-cop i HW, verkligen!

ManuelIT 2008-01-28 17:24

intressant, jag ser fram emot hans come back.
men ärligt talat så håller jag inte andan för under.

Tigerkotten 2008-01-28 17:44

source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/...5500&zoneid=13

Other post-fight news and notes from Dana White:

–Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic is currently thinking about his future and is undecided about what his next move is.

jontahontas 2008-01-28 20:10

Som tigerkotten skrev så hade man gärna velat se ett förenande av Open weight tournament och HW titleholder innan PRIDE föll vilket hade varit CroCop vs Fedor 2. Den första matchen var redigt bra, tycker Fedor hade bra mycket mer problem än de gånger han gått till dec mot big Nog. Han var riktigt sönderslagen efter fighten med mirko.

hahavaffan 2008-02-02 12:48

Ikväll/inatt smäller det. Brock Lesnar ska bli jävligt kul att se!

Det visas på TV4 Sport med början inatt 03:55. Jävligt kass tid, dom kunde gott sparat det till söndagkväll vid 20-21:00-tiden.

j0h4n 2008-02-02 13:06

Vem vinner abbot eller kimbo?

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