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cero 2015-04-20 16:22

Avsluta Machida i andra ronden > det som Jacare gjort. Iofs inte Jacares fel eftersom att han slagit alla som han mött, men fortfarande. Hoppas båda får chans på titeln snarast.

olwe 2015-04-20 16:31

Jag har större förhoppningar på Jacare men ser helst att han får ytterligare någon fight innan. Han har fortfarande en väldigt brant utvecklingskurva inom det stående som jag vill se realiseras.

cero 2015-04-20 16:46

Detsamma kan dock sägas om Weidman. Om man någon gång ska slå honom är det nog nu.

cero 2015-04-20 17:20

Anderson vägrar ge sig:


he got a call from one of his manager, Ed Soares, giving him the bad news.

"What? What do you mean? No, no, no, I didn’t take anything. I didn’t take any of this," Silva told Soares. "What I took was a shot of anti-inflammatory. No, man. F*ck. I’m telling you, man."

Silva hung up the phone and gave the news to his conditioning coach Rogerio Camoes.

"They said I failed the doping test," Silva told Camoes.

Silva calls back to his manager and tells him that he used an anti-inflammatory called dexalgen for three days, and told him to contact his wife and get all the information about everything he used before UFC 183.

"I didn’t take it, master," Silva again told Camoes. "Are you crazy? I didn’t take anything. Do you think I’m crazy?"

cero 2015-04-20 19:19


cero 2015-04-20 20:55

UFC skrotar förslaget om att rankning ska avgöra hur mycket man får av Rebook-dealen, och istället baseras det på antal matcher man haft under Zuffa (inkl WEC och Strikeforce).

Agitator 2015-04-20 22:09


Some Topics Covered:

-Kimbo vs Ken Shamrock fight 3:08
-Why Bas stopped training Kimbo 4:19
-Having fought Ken and trained Kimbo, Who he thinks will win 5:45
-Who would win out of Ken Shamrock and Frank Shamrock 7:18
-Anderson Silva's failed drug test, if it ruins his legacy 8:35
-If Anderson breaking the leg was a valid excuse for taking steroids 10:03
-Joe Rogan's Fedor PEDs comments 11:17
-If there were drug tests in Pride and hilarious story involving Pride drug tests 13:05
-Conor McGregor and the UFC 189 World Tour 15:17
-Aldo vs McGregor Prediction 16:55
-Mirko Cro Cop returning to the UFC and beating Gonzaga 18:22
-Cro Cop's heel hook attempt on Gonzaga 19:09
-If Cro Cop can still be competitive in the UFC Heavyweight division, going to 205 20:14
-Wanting to train Chuck Liddell and running into him at the same Audition 21:55
-WSOF, if Justin Gaethje could be competitive in the UFC 24:39
-The Melvin Guillard situation in WSOF 27:16
-Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg prediction, thoughts on Ronda vs Man 29:44
-Brock Lesnar staying in the WWE 32:44
-Mark Kerr in the "The Smashing Machine", drug addiction and how Mark is doing now 33:58
-If it wasn't for the drugs, could Mark Kerr have become one of the greats 37:16
-Crazy story about Mark Kerr shooting him up with drugs 38:47
-Jon Jones and his failed cocaine drug test 43:00
-Fan Question: What Bas uses to season his meats 45:29
-His toughest opponent 46:45
-Mayweather Pacquiao prediction and Conor McGregor's comments that he'll beat Floyd in 30 seconds 48:47
-Almost fighting Evander Holyfield 49:48

Some Quotes:

Thoughts on Conor McGregor and the world tour
“I love this guy, man. You know listen, and everybody knows Jose Aldo has been my favourite fighter al the time, and I thought McGregor will have no chance against Jose a couple of fights ago, and now the way he’s taking it to people, and his weird style, and his stamina, and his confidence. You know I really start to think now 'wow! This guy is really good'. On top of the talk - you know he’s not just a talker, this guy can actually fight and he believes in himself 100 precent also. For a fighter, that is such a powerful thing to have. You know in your mind, if you can’t lose. Yeah, it’s what he says, they’re literally going to have to pretty much kill this guy in order to quit, because otherwise he won’t quit. And trust me, Aldo knows this also. Now Aldo is very angry as well because I saw him walking around with his rosary [beads], but the language that came out was the opposite. You know, 'I’m going to cut his head off, I’m going to do this'. But you know the fact that he took his belt. The way that he did that, he put his feet on the table and then Aldo puts his feet on the table, and then right away used that momentum. It’s like a set-up. You know, he was baiting him and then he grabbed the belt, and then the whole audience went nuts. I wish I would have been there, man. I think it’s hilarious. I think it’s going to be one of the biggest pay per views ever. I truly believe so. I think this is especially the first time a lighter weight class is going to get......this could go over a million pay per view buys. I truly believe this.”

On who wins between McGregor and Aldo
“The thing was this, if he would have done [this fight] three fights ago, I would say maybe Conor’s going to get it now. And the sole reason for that is because Aldo is an extremely explosive fighter, and the only downside that he had was stamina in the past. But now the last few fights went five rounds, and he’s still strong in the fifth round. So he definitely worked on his stamina department and is a very scary fighter. Also, you better believe that there’s a picture of Conor McGregor on his mirror every morning when he wakes up (laughs). Like a Rocky style and he’s going to crush that picture and he’s going to try really hard. On the other side, there’s a guy that really wants it. You know and now he’s got to back up everything he said. The whole country is behind him. It’s gonna be a lot of pressure. [It will come down to] who could deal with the pressure the most. And to me McGregor seems to deal very good with pressure. Aldo, if he’s too angry he can over-commit to strikes. Maybe he’s going to make a mistake in there. It’s a close fight man. It’s going to be a very close fight. On one side I think it’s going to be a knockout. On the other side I think it probably will go five rounds, but I have no clue. Like this is really split down the middle.”

On Ronda Rousey being able to beat up men
“No, not yet. Of course it’s possible. Depends on who it is, but the man who’s the champion in her weight class 135? No I don’t think. She’s good, but once you start talking men and women, there’s still a difference. On the street? Listen, she cleans everybody up. And everybody out of the top 20? God knows she does it as well, but I’m just saying, pound-for-pound, the same weight class, and the champion as well? I don’t think [so]. A long time ago Lucia Rijker had no more opponents. She was the Dutch female and kickboxer and boxer, undefeated in boxing, undefeated in kickboxing. I mean 80 percent or higher knockout rate, just nobody wanted to fight her. Even Ali. Laila Ali didn’t want to fight her, Christy Martin at the time didn’t want to fight her. She was just a total animal. And she ran out of opponents, and she said 'I want to fight a guy' and she chose the lumpinee stadium champion from Thailand. You know and yeah, she lost that one. And of course you go, get a guy out of the top ten first. Warm up to this. Why would you go right away go to a champion? So no. I still think it would be with the guy, but that’s just because the difference. That’s why guys.....you know look at track and field. Tell me one thing in track in field that the women do better. It’s just because of the way they’re built. I’m not saying they’re weaker, but it’s just because of the way they’re built. It’s just, the guys jump higher, further, sprint faster, and it’s just genetics. And that transforms also in fighting of course. So that would be my answer.”

On who wins between Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyrbog
“Between Cyborg and Rousey Cyborg. Cyborg I would have said a long time ago. Now, with Ronda is getting better in the striking and looking good at that, you know it’s going to be a hard fight. She needs only one clinch. Because if she has the clinch, I think she can take Cyborg to the ground. And once it goes on the ground, well we know that’s going to be a problem for Cyborg. So Cyborg needs to do...if I were her, man I would go to the Olympic training centre in Colorado and I would train there with all the Olympic wrestlers. It’s the only thing I would do. Non-stop. And do not clinch. Whatever you do, do not clinch with Rousey because her hip throws, arm throws, all these things are really really good with her. You can’t stop it. Even when Cyborg is really strong, I think Rousey is in that same strength level almost. She has that natural strength, you can see the way she’s built you, can see her mind. More people say that now she’s like the female Mike Tyson. She has a whole mindset when she walks to the cage. Nobody can distract her. It’s tough cookie to beat man. She’s just very, very tough.”

On Joe Rogan suggesting there was a high possibility Fedor was on steroids in Pride
“In my book you could never say that until somebody got popped and it’s 100 precent certain. I would never touch that. It’s still a thing. I have guys who fought me and who said to people 'oh he’s gotta be on steroids, because I was on steroids when I fought him and he was stronger than I am'. That’s called genetics dude. And if you want to piss me off, then you say 'oh yeah, you used as well'. Because these dumb knuckleheads they go like 'oh yeah, Bas says he never used. Everybody is using'. It’s not true. I’m not using. Throw me on a lie detector test. I’ll pass any lie detector test 100 precent sure in my whole career”
(Bas mentioned that he is currently on TRT to help recover from his neck surgery in December 2014)

Funny story about drug testing in Pride
“In Japan they asked me, they wanted to do the 'Bas tour'. And the Bas tour was me with a camera, going backstage and going to the dressing rooms with the fighters, interviewing them and showing people at home 'oh this is where they warm up, this is where they do this, this is where they do that'. And I walked into the room with the doctors, and as soon as I walked into the room with the doctors I looked at the right and I see all these tiny cups there. They're all the pee tests there, right? I know they’ve been testing. So right away I turn around and I tell the camera crew, I said 'give me one second. Let me talk to the people here, to the doctors if its okay for you guys to come in'. So I closed the door. Right away I grab another cup and I see green tea. I put green tea in the cup and I put that cup next to all the other pee tests and I put a lid on it, because they all had a lids on them and a name, right? So then I open the door and I say 'yeah the doctor said it’s okay. We can come in' and I show these people everything. Suddenly I say 'oh my god. Look at that! These are the pee tests from tonight! Wouldn’t it be great if you could taste what fighter it is?'. And these people, they look at me like 'what is he going to do?'. So I take the cup with the green tea and I smell it. I say 'ah it’s gotta be an American fighter'. And then I took a drink, and then when I swallow it, people start freaking out. I go 'it’s Mark Coleman!”
“Just because I did that, I know for a fact that they were testing. Because I saw like 20 or 30 cups standing there.”

Agitator 2015-04-20 22:32

Stor humor när Bas pratar om steroider och svär sig fri från det :)

Vann bältet i ufc i heavyweight, tävlade i allt annat i light heavyweight typ. 185 lång. Natty!

Kanske körde massa ren BB på sidan.
Älskar Bas dock. Sett hans pancrease fighter typ 3-4 kvällar under åren. Bingat allt varje gång när man slöat vid teven.

Daniiiel 2015-04-20 22:39


Ursprungligen postat av cero (Inlägg 7328102)
Anderson vägrar ge sig:


Skulle inte förvåna mig om anderson faktiskt glömt att han tryckt sterioder med tanke på all benzo han verkat proppa i sig också..lorazepam e starka grejjer..

Agitator 2015-04-20 23:36

Vettefan http://o2trainerblog.com/incredible-results-o2trainer/

Bas skickar sin O2trainer till en kille med problem med lungorna, får värden några månader senare av läkaren som bekräftar att det är bra skit.

hmmmmm. Skeptisk.

Agitator 2015-04-20 23:48

Sweet, han har pumpat ut alla sina fighter från pancreas!

32 fighter där han kommentar. Sett alla 3-4 gånger om minst!

Klickar man på play all så är man god för några timmar :)


Agitator 2015-04-20 23:59

Bas Rutten syr sig själv....

Doctor Snuggles 2015-04-21 15:05

o2 trainer kan funka för att göra lungorna starkare om man har problem med dem, men det är nog det enda. Det kommer inte hjälpa med kondisen, iaf inte enligt alla studier som gjorts om andningshämmare.

cero 2015-04-21 17:01

Dana grillar AKA. :D


"Some of the camps are still in the stone age and need to be brought up to date. AKA is one of those places. You've got Cain Velasquez, our heavyweight champion, who's always hurt. Those guys go to war every day. He's training for a fight and he's going to war with Daniel Cormier every day. That's not how it's done. Not anymore. We need to educate a lot more."

Grazzafukkinrazzi 2015-04-21 17:38


Ursprungligen postat av cero (Inlägg 7328846)
Dana grillar AKA. :D

Dana har alltid bra koll på sånt där!


Ursprungligen postat av Grazzafukkinrazzi (Inlägg 7266877)
"First of all he’s fighting a 5’ 10" unbelievable wrestler – that’s who he is facing in Daniel Cormier. (But) he’s training with 6’ 10" no-wrestling, all-standup kickboxer Alistair Overeem." - Dana White

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