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Andreas H 2008-09-23 16:21

Cro Cop vs. Overeem blev ju ett antiklimax...

No-contest pga att Overeem inte kunde låta bli att knäa Cro-Cop på ballen! *spy*

Ser dock inte att Crop Cop hade kunnat vunnit om det inte inträffat, han vart rätt så arbetad!

rAjj 2008-09-23 17:26

Är det någon som vet om Zuffa eller UFC är börsnoterat?

Kwon 2008-09-24 10:49


Det som hände Crocop i matchen mot Alistair.

"During a lengthy recovery time, Filipovic's corner alerted Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten, who were calling the action for HDNet, that Filipovic's right testicle had been knocked up and inside his body."

dared 2008-09-24 13:01

Riktigt trist ang. CC.. Han verkade inte ha så många svar på Overeems attacker. Undra hur CC kommer att de på detta... Overeem mot Fedor hade vart rätt kul faktiskt.

Annars var galan rätt tråkig (iaf om man tänker på vilken potential den hade). Såg fram emot den som fan.....

detail 2008-09-24 22:01

Jävligt synd att jacare förlora: < men sjuk armbar på Benkei =D och om CroCop, visst han hade det rätt svårt mot Alistaaaiir men han gjorde ju inte speciellt mycket mer än viftade på marken och clinchade direkt när han fick chansen och jag tror mycket väl att CroCop hade kunnat vända även om Alistair såg ut som lesnar mot herring :D

Kwon 2008-10-03 14:56

Ken Shamrock VS Kimbo

Vad tror folket?

Kevin “The Fire” Burns: Shamrock will take him down and get a leglock -- probably a heelhook or kneebar. Kimbo’s cardio is also questionable while Shamrock always comes in shape. Experience wins the fight in my opinion. Kimbo does have a puncher’s chance with the punching power he brings to the fight.

Duke Roufus: (If) Kimbo keeps it standing he will prevail. Kimbo is on the way up; Ken is in a rough spot of his career. Do or die for Ken.

Eddy Millis: Tough one. I have trained with both. They are two good guys. I think Ken knows what he has to do to get back to his old school [style]. I’m going with Ken by footlock in round one.

Pete Sell: Shamrock by ground-and-pound or submission.

Brodie Farber: I would love to see Shamrock win but I don’t see Ken holding up to Kimbo’s power. First round KO or TKO for Kimbo Slice.

Guy Mezger: Obviously Ken is my friend and I’m going with him. I think he has seen Kimbo’s devastating power and he’s older. He can’t take the shots to his head as much anymore. I think he’ll go back to his roots. He’s a wrestler and if his body has healed up the way he says it has, then he’ll be able to wrestle him. Kimbo’s weakness is wrestling. I’m sure he’s made some adjustments to it. He’s only been doing it for a few months and it’s hard to make those sorts of adjustments in a few months compared to somebody who has done it for years and years and years. My prediction is that Ken will be smart enough to wrestle him, take him down, ground-and-pound him and maybe submit him. If he stands up with Kimbo I think Ken’s in trouble, but Ken will be smart because Kimbo is a ferocious fighter and a good athlete. But Kimbo’s a tad inexperienced and Ken will use his experience and win. I’m really gunning for Ken in this one because I really want to see him win.

Kit Cope: It is well within Ken’s ability to beat Kimbo. However, we’ve seen Ken’s abilities ignored in his last few fights, as well as Ken turning off the lights from a phantom punch. I say Kimbo wins by desire alone in this -- round one -- and again beats an opponent more experienced than himself.

Jorge Santiago: Kimbo in round two.

Zac George: Kimbo (via) first round TKO followed by an AARP lawsuit.

Alan Belcher: Kimbo is on his way in and Shamrock is on his way out. Kimbo will put the heat on Shamrock and make him quit in the first.

Nate Marquardt : I would say they are evenly matched skill-wise.(lol) I believe Kimbo may have more desire to win at this point. Kimbo in round one or two.

Renato Verissimo: Shamrock.

Charlie Valencia: I think it is a joke. Shamrock is getting a payday and Kimbo is getting an easy win. <--- Det jag tror! :D

Mike Dolce: As much as I’d like to see Ken go out on top, I just don’t see how he can overcome Kimbo’s size and strength advantages at this point in his legendary career. Sure, Ken is still a dangerous veteran but Kimbo is too young and too aggressive, which I think will lead to a first round TKO. Now, if Ken can avoid Kimbo’s power early on and get the fight to the ground late in the second or third, then we might just see lightning strike. But if I were putting money down, I’m picking Kimbo.

Rich Clementi: Kimbo by Shamrock giving up early. I think it would be a great UFC prelim fight.

Mike Whitehead: Shamrock by submission.

Luigi Fioravanti: Kimbo, TKO first round.

Cole Miller: Kimbo by knockout, round one. Shamrock should retire after his last performance.

Cub Swanson:
Kimbo because he has to win and Ken hasn’t won in a long time.

David Loiseau: Pretty simple -- Kimbo if he keeps it standing and Shamrock if he brings it to the ground. (My pick is) Kimbo.

Eric Pele: Kimbo by brute ghetto force! (lol)

Chael Sonnen: No reason to think Ken won’t throw this fight the same way he did the last one. Kimbo, round one.

Erik Paulson: Ken Shamrock needs to get the fight to the ground right away. He can’t mess around or play around and let him slug or take any punches. He’s gotta actually go after him right away and punch, shoot and try to take him down and try to finish him on the ground. There’s no reason to get into a slugging match with Kimbo because Kimbo hits hard. Kimbo’s strengths are his hands and his ability to scrap. I don’t think Ken can slug it out with him because he’s had shoulder surgery and the older you get the less you want to get punched in the face. As far as me, I’d say Ken as long as he punches, shoots and takes him down.

Chaan 2008-10-03 15:01


Ursprungligen postat av Kwon (Inlägg 3237769)
Ken Shamrock VS Kimbo

När och var säger jag bara - första MMA-fighten jag direkt har sett fram emot.

Kwon 2008-10-03 15:05


Ursprungligen postat av Chaan (Inlägg 3237775)
När och var säger jag bara - första MMA-fighten jag direkt har sett fram emot.

Det e imorrn, EliteXC.


Vad Shammy anser själv om fighten

Vad Frank Shamrock tycker

Chaan 2008-10-03 15:23


Ursprungligen postat av Kwon (Inlägg 3237778)
Det e imorrn, EliteXC.

Vanliga mitt i natten svensk tid eller? Kommer de sända på svensk tv senare i helgen månntro

Hoppas på en match i stil med de bästa i gamla Pride där de for över ringen. Kan bli rena julafton men det förutsätter att Shamrock rör sig ordentligt. Bara för honom att ge allt eller bli golvad av en betongvägg av nävar. Vad tror du själv om utgången på matchen Kwon? 3 minuter lång match eventuellt :-/

Kwon 2008-10-03 16:11

Charlie Valencia: I think it is a joke. Shamrock is getting a payday and Kimbo is getting an easy win. <--- Det jag tror! :D

Chaan 2008-10-03 16:14

Vem ska stoppa Kimbo då?

Kwon 2008-10-03 16:37

Åsse några av de fighters som skall slåss på StrikeForce - Payback, 3:e Oktober! :)

Bland andra Phil Baroni, Frank Trigg, Pete Spratt etc

Krampus 2008-10-03 16:38

Whthfkk!? Finns det dam-mma? Har du ngt klipp Kwonster?

Kwon 2008-10-03 16:48


Ursprungligen postat av Krampus (Inlägg 3237918)
Whthfkk!? Finns det dam-mma? Har du ngt klipp Kwonster?

Såklart det finns. Dock försöker jag undvika dam-mma då de slår varandra svullna i fejjan, men ja.

Du vet väl att den Amerikanska Gladiatorn "CRUSH" är Gina Carano som är MMA-fighter från början? :) (Hon spelar även en karaktär i nyaste Red Alert-liret)



Vilka female fighters vill du se Krampis?

Krampus 2008-10-03 16:49

Mysiga :)

Vilka female fighters vill du se Krampis?
De som är bra. :)

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