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2005-05-11, 13:26
For the first time in history, fans of professional bodybuilding can tune in to an International Talk Radio Show dedicated exclusively to the world of Professional Bodybuilding & Fitness! Each week, listeners will be treated to a format that includes "Live Interviews" with the biggest stars in bodybuilding along with contest coverage and insight from selected industry personalities and fitness celebrities! Developed in the United States by Executive Producer Dan Solomon (www.promuscleonline.com), the show will be broadcast to a global audience for the benefit of bodybuilding fans throughout the world.

To ensure the largest possible audience, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly will be aired over the internet through an exclusive broadcast partnership with Bodybuilding.com, the world's most visited bodybuilding website.
In addition to the live weekly broadcast, the show will also be available for "On-demand" re-broadcast 24 hours a day exclusively at Bodybuilding.com.
Dan Solomon will be joined by Pro Bodybuilder, Bob Cicherillo to host the one-hour weekly show. Dan has been covering bodybuilding for television and print for nearly a decade. Cicherillo, a former USA Bodybuilding Champion and a runner-up at the IFBB Night of Champions, is regarded as one of the most opinionated pro bodybuilders in the industry!
The first show is slated for June 2005. Scheduling information will be released soon! Sponsorship opportunities are available. Send inquiries to BodybuildingRadio@yahoo.com

för er som inte vet eller hört talas om Dan Solomon kan jag säga att "he know his shit" med andra ord ;)

2005-05-11, 14:56
Coolt! :cool:

2005-05-11, 16:52
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :hbang:

2007-06-21, 17:14

Många som lyssnar? Jävligt bra i min mening! :thumbup:


2007-06-21, 17:26
Nobull radio är nice

2007-06-21, 22:50
Lyssnade på ProBodybuildingWeekly innan, men lyssnar nu enbart på NoBull-radio. Gillar dessa herrar skarpare, och ibland så är Greg Valentino med (han ska tydligen få ett eget radioprogram han med)